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Our workdays reflect our service to the clients: we have fun and play; we inspire magic and joy; we create experiences that amaze and delight.

Remote Work- Flexibility

We give our employees to choose their desired location of their choice to work , we embrace full digital nomad. You are not required to come to office from day one of hiring.

Super Buddies

During your first week at Sofechnogeek, we pair you with an experienced team member to help you settle in and show you the ropes. You always have someone to talk with and get to know about our company.

Friday Hangout

Every Friday, we split the team into random groups of two or three to grab lunch outside the office. This helps us get to know each other, build meaningful relationships, and discover your new favorite spots.

Achievement Unlocked

We love to celebrate each other! Whether it's customer love, a work milestone, or major life event — praise is fundamental at Softechnogeek. The best part: figuring out how to surprise and delight your teammates!

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Shree Madhan



Digital Marketing Strategist

Ilaya Raja

Web Developer

Soni Mishra

Content Editor


UI/UX Designer


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