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Want to contribute your knowledge and share with our readers. Softechnogeek has been around in the tech blogging community for well over 7 years. We have around 900+ active readers subscribe to our blog. If you want to write a guest article for Softechnogeek you can follow the below guidelines to get started.

Guest Post Softechnogeek

We encourage young writers and bloggers to share their opinion and views through this tech community. Let us give you quick overview why you need to share your article on Softechnogeek and the benefits you will get back from us.

  • Softechnogeek has been around in the Tech Blogging Niche from 2011 to Present.
  • We have a large number of audience of 15,000+ who subscribed to our blog updates via (Email, RSS, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and YouTube etc.,).
  • Daily Unique Visitors for our blog is around 1,500+ and a Monthly Unique View of 45,000+
  •  You will get a lot of exposure from our loyal readers and traffic through your site.
  • You will get one Nofollow link back to your site in the content itself if your article is good enough it will deserve a dofollow link.

It took me 7 years to build my blog and the reputation. So I encourage you to maintain the credibility and the standard I built over time.

What Type of Content Softechnogeek Accepts?

We accept wide range of niches from

Tech News, How To Tutorials, Windows, Mac, Apple, Android, iPhone, Tips and Tricks, Blogging, SEO, SEM, Make Money Online, Entrepreneurship, Business, Software tutorials, Motivational & Inspiration articles etc.,

Guidelines for Guest Post

  1. As you know Content is King, so the article should be Unique and plagiarism free.
  2. Your content should be well researched and it should be stating facts and well written without any Grammatical Errors.
  3. The article should not contain any keyword Stuffing and over optimized for SEO.
  4. The article should have a minimum of 450+ Words (but we would prefer 1000+ Words).
  5. The content should be well structured with subheadings, bullet points list.
  6. You should also provide Good Quality Images without copyright free (optional)
  7. If you are writing a tutorial or how to post include screenshot so that it will be helpful for the readers.
  8. Write Evergreen Article and don’t use jargon words (People are simpler).
  9. Don’t send useless articles which will not add any value to the users and the community.
  10. You can send the article through Google Docs or you can send in .doc format

We do accept Video Blogging or Guest Vlogging. If it’s meet our requirements, we will post through our YouTube channel Softechnogeek it has over 1900+ Subscribers.

We do accept Sponsored Post or Paid Promotion you can go to this page for more details.

You can submit your guest post by sending mail to [email protected] or you can contact through this form.