About Shree Madhan

A little bit of introduction about me, Hi I am Shree Madhan I am the founder and author of Softechnogeek. I had my hands on the Internet during 2009 ever since my better part of my life has changed quite a bit. I explored the web like a Voyager, In 2 years I have learned about Blogging, SEO a little bit of Web Development (I’m still learning though..).

Shree Madhan

The idea for my blog name “Softechnogeek” comes from the people around me. I used to be a little Geeky in my school & college life. I like software which makes our life easier and productive and I like technologies which change the world and bring us closer to the space exploration and I’m a little geek so the blog name ended as you predicted Software Technology GeekSoftechnogeek.

Let’s not get you bored with my technical side. I will share some of my personal life. I have a great taste in almost all things. I love Music from all genres which include Classic Blues, Rock, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Dubstep, EDM, Hip-Hop, Pop etc., the list goes on I love music from all genres.

I am a Movie freak too. I almost ended up watching all the great movies the humanity has ever created (Belive Me!). I am a quite a bit of Dancer myself. Michale Jackson has been my dance Idol during my childhood days, I think he has made a great influence on 80’s and 90’s kids and the dance community. I got some cool moves too like hand wave, moonwalk etc., (Belive Me!).

Apart from sitting all day on my computer, I wake up early in the morning doing some mental & physical activities like Meditation followed by Yoga and Workout. I started doing yoga at the age of 10. I have been doing it for a long time and planning to do rest of my life. I have been doing workout for 5 years, you can check out my Instagram profile for my workout progress pictures @ShreeMadhan here is a sneak peak.

Bahubali The Beginning ????

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I’m not quite there yet but still, I’m making progress. I think I’m bragging too much about myself lets talk about Softechnogeek. If you want to know about my professional life check out my LinkedIn Profile Shree Madhan

About Softechnogeek

I started this blog on 2011 to share my knowledge and my perspective about the topic through the world. I wanted to help the nontech-savvy to better understand and solve the issue.

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Over this years Softechnogeek has earned several loyal readers from

During my initial stage of blogging Softechnogeek was hosted on blogspot.com later, I bought the domain and 2016 I wanted to take Softechnogeek to the next level so I moved from Blogspot to WordPress.

Softehnogeek covers wide range of niches from Technology, Blogging, SEO, Windows Software, Mac, iPhone, Android, Tips and Tricks, How to Articles etc.,

I want to say thanks to all the readers who read and visit our blog every day without them I wouldn’t have the motivation to keep blogging and sharing my knowledge. So thank you all & seep supporting Softechnogeek.com