You most likely know that search engine optimization is the most important tool of any business promotion on the net. About a half of marketing specialists said that 25% of their customers found their sites in search results. Of course, to rely on search systems as the one and only source of traffic of your site would be wrong. Even doing everything right, following all the basic principles of SEO, there are still reasons your website will not be indexing enough. Your chances are about to be higher if to keep in mind the following mistakes.

Ignoring The Meta Tags

Meta tag is a textual description, which allows when search engines to get a subject matter of your website. Every website owner is to give a title, description, keywords, both as for the website in general and for each page in particular. At that, it is preferably for the title and descriptions to contain 2-3 keywords. Use Google trends in order to find out what keywords are most common in your niche and the schedules of the keywords to find out the number of requests upon them. The more requests, the more traffic it gets but the competition for popular requests is high accordingly. After careful selection and creating the most relevant keywords list, one should go to adding meta tags in the control SEO box for each page of the website.

Stuffing With Keywords

SEO Stuffing Keywords

In order to be displayed on relevant key requests, your website should be crammed with keywords. At that, they should harmonically work with the context of a page otherwise, search systems may block your website for being stuffed with keywords. If you want to be sure that algorithms of search systems will not hate you for attempts to manipulate with them, use keywords wisely, namely at those spots where they fit in harmoniously. In a word, the information in meta tags should look like it was written for people but not for robots.

Wrong Using of Links

There are three types of links to make indexing of a website better: links from other resources to your website, so-called backlinks, links from your website to other resources so called inbound links and links to the different page on your website, so-called internal links. Make sure the links are relevant and there are not too many of them.

Neglecting Site Guidelines

Some websites are considered to be pirate ones. Just so your website was not considered to be a pirate one and it will be in case it is mentioned on the pages of a pirate resource, it might lead to downgrade of your website in search results. At the same time, there are many “good websites” placing links on which will help you feel a healthy influence of SEO.

Not Updating Your Site Regularly

Work on the website does not end up with “Publish” button. Creating of high-quality content, development of design and search optimization are just a few of necessary steps creating a professional online project. Search systems like active websites with always updating content, which is why you should renew your resource all the time. You may do so by means of a thematic blog, integration of social networks with the website or a simple update of the main page. As already been mentioned, just right amount of keywords will do a power of good.

Ignoring Your Social Networks

Ignoring Social Media

In order not to live in the shadow, make yourself known with help of social networks such as Twitter, Google Plus, Facebook. Not SEO only may be shown upon reputation of your website but also a social activity. If you have an account at all of the above and it is active, they might become an additional source to draw traffic to your website. Despite the fact that links from your accounts in social networks will not be considered backlinks, they will appear in search results. It will make it to where your website will be easier to find in search engines, which is the main task of SEO.

Thinking That Everything is Perfect

If you manage to take a high position in search results and increase a traffic flow, it does not mean you can sit back and relax forgetting about search optimization. SEO is always in the process of development and you will always learn something new.

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