Want to get that tech gal in your life the perfect gadget? Are you on a tight budget? Fear not! With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, we have some suggestions of budget friendly tech gifts to get your favorite girl this year.

MP3 Player or Vinyl Player

Check eBay or Amazon.com for cheap MP3 players. It doesn’t matter if it is a newer or older model. Only focus on finding an MP3 player with enough gigabytes to fit all your favorite love songs. Fill the MP3 player with songs and movies that remind you of your significant other.

If your partner prefers vinyl music, buy them a vinyl player (also check eBay or Amazon.com for cheaper models) and some of their favorite albums on vinyl. Find discounted vinyl disc at your local used music store.

Digital Camera

Decide on a budget for your digital camera purchase. Next, figure out what must-have features it needs. Then use sites like CNET and PCMag to watch different reviews on various digital cameras within a certain price range.

Pick and purchase the digital camera. Use it as a symbol to tell your loved one that you want to make more camera-worthy memories with them. It could also show your commitment to having more adventures together.

Fitness Tracker

Fitness Tracker Women

Buy a pair of fitness trackers for both you and your partner. Upon giving the gift, explain how you want to become healthier together. Either use these fitness trackers as a way to encourage a more active lifestyle, or use the fitness tracker to inspire some healthy competition. Make some bets and trade-offs. For example, whoever walks the most steps at the end of the week, doesn’t have to do dishes for a week.

Choose a website like Lord and Taylor for your fitness tracker purchases. Lord and Taylor carries a wide selection of these trackers and offers discounts via Groupon. Use these coupons to buy a quality fitness tracker way under market value.

Game Console

Purchase a game console that you can both use. This encourages you guys to play more video games together. Pick the console and games based on her personal preferences.

Actively find game console deals by monitoring sites that alert you to tech discounts, such as Ben’s Bargains.

Kitchen Appliances

Pick a kitchen appliance on your significant other’s needs or want list. Shop at major department stores for general savings, and once again, combine with Groupon’s coupons to maximize your savings.