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Free Windows Software to Create and Manage Restore Point

Windows System Restore Point
System Restore is an integrated special feature in the Windows OS, where users can make use of this feature to revert back to recent changes. System restore points are usually an instance created just before any Windows updates, this give you an option to rollback just in case the update caused incompatibilities or some other bug. Windows System Restore is a useful PC security program which frequently or regularly backup your current key system settings and data files, then helps you restore them later if a problem occurred. 

Windows System Restore Manager 

Microsoft make this interface complicated and not that useful for the users, difficult to find restore points and lacking some extra functionalities. Restore Point Creator is a free and portable utility which aims to improve the default windows system restore interface. This software is available for XP, Vista, Windows 7 & 8 and it also available in 32bit and 64bit variant. Restore Point Creator makes much easier to create new system restore points. The software user interface is its first advantage because it provides everything required inside the same dialog box. 

Restore Point Creator

Restore Point Creator

It shows a list of current restore points, the button to make a fresh restore point a "restore to selected restore point" option, all available in a single click. In Restore Point Creator Schedule tool uses Windows Task Scheduler to create a new, or remove older restore points based on specific dates & times. There is also an option available called drive space management tools which tells you the amount of storage space currently used by restore points, and you can also decrease or increase the memory size as per your choice.

Create System Restore Point

You can perform all of this action within Windows system restore, but Restore Point Creator makes all the above option just simpler and quicker without any hassle. Particularly if you copy its executable .exe to your 
  1. \Program Files (x86) or \Program Files folder
  2. Choose Program Options > “Enable ‘My Computer’ Right-Click Option”.
  3. Now right-clicking My Computer or This PC shows a new “system checkpoint” menu entry. 
which you can instantly creates a system restore point this make the process much easier.

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