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Use Bing Webmaster Tool to Analyze On Page SEO of your Website

Onpage SEO Analysis is extremely important for every single webmaster. There are lots of Onpage-SEO Analyzer tool available on online but many of them are premium versions. Microsoft Bing offers it's own SEO Analyzer just like Google Webmaster Tool. The main thing is that it is completely free and you can able to analyze many webpages you want. There is no restriction on the usage.

How To Analyze On-Page Seo 

To analyze on-page-seo using bing go to Bing Seo Analyzer and enter the URL of any published article of your website (but do note that you have to verify your blog with bing) and press ‘ANALYZE’ button to research on-page seo of that specific webpage as simple as that. You can also access these setting by going to your bing webmaster account -> Diagnostics & Tools -> SEO Analyzer.

Using the Bing SEO Analyzer

Once you click the ‘ANALYZE’ button Bing’s On-demand tool crawl the link quickly provide you with recommendations to further improve Bing search ranking. This free online tool works extremely well for almost any website which you have on your Bing Webmaster account. But this tool is still in "Beta" so you may or may not get the exact results.


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