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What is All About the New Google Hummingbird Search Algorithm

Google's recent 'Hummingbird' algorithm update aims to make Google search better at understanding the conversational search terms. Paying attention to the Google's 15th birthday, Hummingbird is definitely the most significant change to the internal workings of the world's most favored internet search engine, since Google's "Caffeine" update in 2010, that increased Google's indexing of websites and exact search results. The Hummingbird up-date focuses mainly on Google's Knowledge Graph.

New Hummingbird Search Algorithm

What Google says about this latest Hummingbird Search Algorithm Update in a nustshell is, think of a bike which you bought on 1982 it's part may got defected so you want to replace the part with the new one. This is how the Hummingbird Search Algorithm works. It also improved the conversational speech, which is rather than typing on your keyboard you speak and search the keyword.

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