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Monetize your Website & Get Paid Blogging Gigs from BlogSkinny Review

Monetize your blog
Whenever we share an article about generating income online via Blogging, some of the popular method which comes in our mind is Google AdSense, direct advertisements, text link ads and paid or sponsored reviews. Just in case, if you are newbie to sponsored reviews this is how the strategy works, a organization or a company releases a brand new products or services, they want their product to be successful and famous so they ask some bloggers to write some reviews about their products and they will pay the bloggers, it's all based on their requirements. In this way their service gets popular and they will gain new customers, so it's a win - win situation for both bloggers and sponsors.

Earn Money From Sponsored Post

The first money I earned from my blog is a sponsored post and there are some trusted sponsored reviews sites on the web I tried every one of them, but recently I came across this newly launched sponsored review sites called BlogSkinny bloggers can get paid and companies can get benefit from them. I signed up for BlogSkinny and they approved my website, but do note that new websites must meet some requirements to get approved by BlogSkinny.

How To Earn Money From BlogSkinny

The interface is nice, I would say and I used some other sponsored review sites but it's all somewhat complicated. BlogSkinny has a clean navigation, advertisers will rate your "Work Quality" and you will get a overall blog quality rating. To start earning money you have to accept the "Job" and submit for review and you get paid by Paypal. So I just signed up, once I get paid from BlogSkinny Here is the recent Paypal payment proof from I received $20.
blogskinny paypal payment proof

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Monetize your Website & Get Paid Blogging Gigs from BlogSkinny Review Reviewed by Shree Madhan on Monday, September 02, 2013 Rating: 5
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