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Automatically Kill or Block Running Background Task on Windows

Unable To Terminate Process
The Windows Task Manager is an inbuilt helpful tool which lets you view all you current running processes and services in a single handy application, using this you can easily kill a running software. But generally it's not really easy to block or kill a running task on windows. Think about program tasks that you can kill when it's running, but shows again, or maybe tasks which you can not kill whatsoever by using the default Windows Task Manager. A main example of a task is googleupdate.exe which appears to keep coming back regardless of how hard you eliminate the task.

How To Block any Process from Running in Windows

Task Blocker is an free open source Windows software which will stop running background processes and task. You have to run this program in administrative mode. You can monitor the running task from the main listbox shows the names of any software or running processes which you have blocked. At the first time, when you open the Task Blocker the list will be empty. The top menu provides control keys to manage the application by adding processes to the blocked or kill list. You may get this message while you are trying to kill a task in windows "Unable to terminate process The operation could not be completed Access is Denied". This problem is solved or fixed using this handy tool.

Monitor and Automatically kill Running Task

Task Blocker Windows Software
Download & Install the Task Blocker software the size is in KB. Run the application with administrative privileges by right click run as administrator otherwise the program will crash. Click on the Plus icon to add the running task to block list. Task Blocker also analyze and kill background running task automatically. This software also available in portable version. You can use this app to kill task which can't be killed. This software works with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Free Download - Task Blocker

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