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How To Restore Windows Registry and System Services Settings

Restore Windows Registry
Windows Registry is a collection of configuration settings database. Windows Registry used for many reasons, like it saves your software information and settings and also hardware devices, user preferences, OS configuration and lot more. It's like a DNA to Microsoft Windows operating system. You can access registry using registry editors there are lot's of editors for registry. Some newbies in computers download & install and uninstall software's improperly which leads to broken registry keys so it cause bugs in system settings. Which makes your system slow and dull performance.

Restore Registry and Other Windows Settings

To make your sytem function better you have to reset those registry settings to boost up the system performance. You can do it simply by accessing the restore point you created and bring back the default registry settings. But what if you don't created a Restore point in windows it will be nightmare! So here comes a freeware software called RefreshPC this software is lightweight and easy to use. This application restore the registry values and some other additional system settings. 

Restore System Back To Factory State To Fix All Issues

RefreshPC Windows Registry Software
The size of the program is 1MB. After installing RefreshPC first time you will be asked to create restore point you can click yes or no. This app will show your current OS Detected and it tells you whether your PC is a 64 bit or 32 bit. By clicking the "Refresh My Windows 7 Settings" you can default or restore the Registry Settings, System Service will be refreshed and Temp Folders, Prefetch Files will be cleaned. A Reboot is required for the changes to take effect. After using this software you can see your system performance it's little bit boosted.

Video Tutorial on How To Restore Windows Registry Settings

Free Download - RefreshPC for Windows

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