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How To Measure Anything On Windows PC Screen With a Free Software

How To Measure Anything On Windows PC Screen With a Free Software
In adobe photoshop we have a ruler tool available and everyone familiar with that tool those who don't know, which helps you to measure the size of the image and professionals use it for some advanced and accurate purposes. But the ruler tool can't be used outside the photoshop. So you can't measure a windows screen for example if you are a software developer you may want to fix the window size of your software, so you have to measure and compare with other software so that you can have an idea about the size.

Measure Anything On Windows With ScreenRuler 

I found a free handy tool which is portable all you have to do is just download and unzip the file and use it. This application is very simple to use and no complicated user interface and it's very light don't take much memory of your RAM. As i said you can use this tool for many purposes, if you know how to utilize this tool in a right way it will be a awesome tool for you. The size of the software program is in KB so you can download it in a second and it's so fast. Let's have a look at the options it has.

Various Options Provided by ScreenRuler 

Screenruler Windows Settings
After opening the ScreenRuler software it scaled and stretched upto 10cm, it depends on the size of your computer LCD monitor, by right clicking on the ruler you can access the various setting it provided, like you can change the screen ruler to horizontal or vertical, you can fix it centre on screen, you can change the look of the ruler by changing it's color. You can change the opacity from 20% to 100%. You can fix the ruler always on top. Using this tool i found my exact monitor width and height size You can also adjust the size of the ruler.

Free Download - ScreenRuler For Windows

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