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How To Hide,Show or Kill Running Task with Hotkeys in Windows

Hide softwares windows
You don't need to to hide software or running programs in windows if you are the only one using the PC. But what if you are working in your office, in a public place, or any other spot. For privacy concern you can't do nothing, but you can close the program or minimize it, but it may be frustrating for every time we have to relaunch the application this may be annoying. But here is a software which can quickly hide or kill the current running process using a Hotkey. So this will be easy for you to toggle between the running programs no more closing the application you can hide or show the running task.

Quickly Hide Running Programs with Hotkey

NCS WinVisible is a free handy software for windows users which hides currently running software's in the taskbar. By hiding the application you can improve your privacy. You can select which application you want to hide or show in the taskbar. You can easily hide running process using keyboard shortcuts you can customize the shortcut key to your need. With NCS WinVisible you can permanently kill or end an running task no need to go to the task manager. By killing the the applications your unsaved work will be lost so it's better to save it.

NCS WinVisible Hide, Show or Kill Running Task

NCS WinVisible
After downloading and installing the NCS WinVisible you will see a list of currently running tasks you can select one or multiple process to hide or kill. By pressing the hotkey Shift-Alt-H you can hide the task and Shift-Alt-S to show the task. You can also change the shortcut key in the settings. NCS WinVisible has a clean user interface you can quickly kill some big task to free up your RAM space. You can easily access this software from system tray. The size of the application is in KB. This app is very useful if you want to hide softwares from others.

Video Tutorial on How To Hide or Kill Running Applications

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