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How To Get the Complete Full iOS 7 UI Theme For Android Device

Change Android into iOS7
This year WWDC Apple announced the new iOS 7 for iPhone users which is a huge change over the current iOS. It looks neat and minimalist user interface and it includes some new features. But some features in iOS 7 looks like they copied the Android UI but anyway I like it. Here is an android theme which completely changes your stock android into iOS 7, but note that this is not an launcher or ROM it's just an theme pack. With this theme you can almost except iOS 7 user interface for Android smart phones.

Change your Stock Android into iOS7 Theme 

AndiOS7 Theme Pack is not an free app it's a paid app cost $2. You must have an launcher like Nova, Apex etc. to use this AndiOS7 Theme. This theme contains almost all the iOS7 features. With this theme pack you can get the iOS7 Notification Center look, You can change the default icons to iOS7 icons. You will get the custom HD wallpapers for your android screen. iOS7 unlock slider and lock screen clock. Full page weather skin app.

How To Make Your Android Phone Look Like iOS 7

AndiOS7 Theme Pack Android
First Download and install a launcher like Nova, Apex. Then install this AndiOS7 Theme Pack. That's it, then you can customize according to your needs. This AndiOS7 Theme Pack developer is iWizard he has done some awesome themes like this so make sure to check out his other themes like Ubuntu skins and lot more.This theme doesn't change your full android experience it just changes the theme and look of your smart phone. AndiOS7 officially available on Google Play Store.

Free Download and Install - AndiOS7 Theme Pack Apk

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