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How To Draw & Sketch Anywhere on Windows Screen Free Software

Draw Sketch Winndows Screen
Have you ever think of drawing something on your windows PC screen, just for fun or maybe for professional use like presentation, screencast, during lectures or teaching someone. You can draw a specific part of an object in a screen so it may be easy for anyone to understand instead of using the old technique of pointing using a laser. You can sketch over any apps on your windows software and browser. So here is a handy tool which helps you to freehand drawing on your screen. This software works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Highlight & Draw Anywhere on Desktop

Epic Pen is a free windows software which gives you full access to quickly draw anything on your windows screen. This application is very lightweight and it fits in your system tray area, by right clicking the icon you can perform some actions like enabling the hot keys, remembering the content when you closed and you can exit the program. Using this app you can sketch anyplace at your screen no restriction. The size of the software is in KB so you can instantly download and install on your desktop.

Sketch & Draw on Windows Computer

Epic Pen Software windows
After launching the Epic Pen app you can float it anywhere you want you can choose cursor, pencil, highlighter, erase a part or erase all the thing. You can choose the size of the brush and you can apply different color to make it attractive. You can quickly hide the ink which you have drawn on your screen and you can turn it on at anytime. in Epic Pen each tool has a shortcut key. This tool is very simple and easy to use. But it doesn't have a lot of options but fair enough to use.

Video Tutorial On How To Highlight, Sketch, Draw on Windows Screen

Free Download - Epic Pen for Windows

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