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2 Quick Methods To Remove Any Background Images Without Photoshop

Remove Background From Image
Let's say if you are a professional photographer basically you know how to remove backgrounds from a picture but you used to do with little difficulty because Adobe Photoshop makes slightly complicated. But what if you are a blogger, editor of a newspaper or noob. You may find this tougher but there are so many ways you can remove background from an image and there are lot's of tutorial around there but in this article we are about to show you a simple and fast method to easily remove an object from an image by using free handy tools okay let's get into it!

Easily Remove The Background of Any Image

A few days back we covered an article about the latest free online service called Clipping Magic. So far I have seen it's the best and quick tool to remove background from an image. Clipping Magic makes things easier what you have to do is just drag and drop your image and you have the live preview of your editing at the right hand side, so that you can makes things perfect. Apart from this you can change the background color of the image or you can just leave it has transparent.

Removing Background Image Using MS Office 2010/2013

MS office 2013 Remove Background
The above method works if you have a internet connection but there is an solution for offline users. Microsoft Office 2010 or 2013 version. If you have installed word, excel or PowerPoint you got an another simple and easy way to remove a background from photos. This technique works with all the 3 applications.

Steps To Be Followed

  1. Insert a new image into the document.
  2. Click the "Format tab" under the "Adjust group".
  3. Now click on "Remove Background".
After doing this it automatically detects the object and remove the unnecessary background. If you need any adjustment you can edit to make the picture perfect. If this two method works for you share this article. If don't enter your comments.

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