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HTC Droid DNA: The New Android Phone to Grab Review

HTC Droid DNA The New Android Phone to Grab Review
Smartphones are now the hype in the market and we can observe how companies investing on digital and electronic technologies compete. Smartphones are not only for communication but it is a way of creating a lifestyle through its advance features.Smartphones such as Android phones are not only now used for calling or texting by ordinary people. With its personal computer-like ability it is also now an emerging business gadget. Another technology worthy of consideration is the RingCentral business phone which is now a part of many small businesses’ communication systems.

Features of HTC Droid DNA

The HTC Droid DNA has a quad core processor and is run by Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. The combination of this processor and operating system guarantees a better and faster data processing and transfer. Because it’s run through Android 4.1, it definitely has the capability to connect to your favorite Google services such as Google Mail, Map, Google Search, and so much more. 

It has a built-in Wi-Fi and the Bluetooth feature is set to Bluetooth 4.0 which has the ability to support low-power devices. It has also the ability to connect with other gadgets through its 4G LTE technology, which is a great feature in this new Android phone. The unit has various game apps. Many are offered for free while there are some that should be paid. The version was released in November 2012 and costs 199.99 dollars.

Display, Design and Tangible Features

htc-droid-dna- Display, Design and Tangible Features
HTC Droid DNA has a built-in battery that is proven to last longer than any other smartphones that are available in the market nowadays. The disadvantage is that you cannot have a back- up battery when the battery charge had been drained and you are outdoors. Also, there is no slot for SD cards. The right side of the unit composed the volume adjustment bar, headphone jock, the power button and simcard slot. The USB connector slot is placed at the bottom of the smartphone and is protected from dust by a rubber flap.

The dimensions are 5-inch vertical screen display; its height is 5.6 inches and 2.7 inches wide, a little bulky for those who keep their phones in their pockets. The 5-inch display will encourage video watching right in your smartphones. Noticeably, the edges are more slender than Samsung Galaxy S3. The thickest point measures about 0.38 inch while the thinnest measures about 0.16 inch. The weight is amazingly 5 oz.

The front camera of the unit has a capacity of 2 megapixels and can capture videos at 1080 p High Definition. They say that it can display photos up to 440 pixels per inch of display. The camera at the back has an amazing 8-megapixel capacity, with a LED flash that is set for taking pictures that needs more lighting. This camera feature will surely hit those who are addicted to photo-taking that they almost take photos every now and then and feature them in their social networking site accounts.
htc-droid dna white
Unlike other phones that are steel-like or those type that easily slip in the hands and fall off, the HTC Droid DNA has a rubberize texture when it comes to its back casing making a feeling of more secure handling. Stop the confusion in your mind. Rush to your nearest gadget store and check out for HTC Droid DNA. You may want to avail it now.

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