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The Differences Between Android Tablets & Windows Tablets

The Differences between Android Tablets & Windows Tablets
There are many differences between android and window tablets, but it is important to understand what these tablets are and what their uses are. When it comes to listening music, playing some real games, watching high-quality video clips plus other amazing applications, you need to have a dependable device and in this case, the Android tablet PC gadget suits you best. This gadget is equipped with most essential software and hardware that make it easy for you to access and enjoy its several amazing applications.

On the other hand, when it comes to accomplishment of office tasks, the Windows tablet PC would do is the best better option for all. It is believed to have improved security features and supports several applications of business type, which can be used by business executive. This means that this gadget can be used from anywhere to do office work at your comfort.

When there is a discussion of Android tablets and Windows tablets, the objectives of the discussion will be focusing on the operating system predominance. However, it is important as consumers to understand that the operating system in the subject is not just a particular feature, but also several features that are integrated into a single component. Well, for a long time now, Android operating system has been in existence in a form of tablet systems. Similarly, Microsoft is Windows 8 is a new emerging operating system in the technology industry. Both of them seem to have big market share, but where exactly do these two application gadgets differ from each other. Let us find out in the following discussion:

The User Interface Between Android & Windows Tablets

The User Interface Android Tablets Windows Tablets
In the user interface, Windows tablets use windows 8 applications to display an outstanding unique designs appertaining to Metro tiles. The high quality animated home screen looks great with very colorful live tiles that updates automatically with the change of weather or when there is an incoming message or email. These interactive and dynamic features make these gadgets of the Windows 8 more competitive in the market.

Whereas in Android tablet, there has been a revolutionary process of applications and features, to the present Ice Cream sandwich version. There is an addiction of more unique widgets in this version with a complete and advanced application network. It also has an interface of novel holographic.

However, when it comes to their user preference, it is not easy to make a choice between the two gadgets, but in reasonable thinking, Windows tablets with their new applications are gaining enough potential and capability to attract more and new consumers. It also dominates the market because of its new and excellent User Interface (UI), whereas Android tablet users are looking forward to use ICS.

The Difference in Their Operating System Support

Windows 8 applications are proclaimed to support both x86 processors and ARM microprocessor. Therefore, the Windows 8 has a great collective operating system that is compatible with Windows tablets and in most personal computers.

When the Android 4.0 version commonly known as ICS was introduced, both consumers and critics praised its compatibility with other gadgets such as tablets and Smart phone gadgets. However, from an unfair perspective, the iOS was in the market for many years before. Despite all, ICS can possibly be a good step for Google. Unfortunately, Windows 8 has emerged to be in high level in providing best applications to tablets, laptops and PCs.

The App Quality Factor and Their Availability

The App Quality Factor and Their Availability
In this case, Android tablets have a very comprehensive app store. This is because android has been present in the market for a long time. In spite of this, consumers know that app store alone is not enough that matters. What matters is the full and unique interactive package, which these software applications (the apps) refer. Concerning this, both iOS and Android have great experience as an operating system since they have made proper use of the apps.

In Windows 8, it seems to be a different case and Microsoft is yet to improve in the app store. Because it is a new operating system, it will take a long time to attract potential designers or developers. Predominantly, the whole experience of Windows is directed to the touch screen applications. In this regard, there is a concern for how many PCs without touchable screens will benefit from apps of touch-screen compatibility.

Price Comparison Between Android & Windows Tablets

There is high competition in the technology industry. This the main reason why most companies are struggling to contrive gadgets with excellent and unique features that have amazing pricing structure. Because of this, Android has displayed its proficiency through the succession of Android tablets. On the other hand, in Windows 8, there is no clear element of price since its operating system has not yet made its commercial inauguration in the market.

Market Segment Differences

Market Segment Differences
This is most significant difference of the two tablets, in terms of the present market scenario. Android is enjoying a greater market share because they tested and tried their operating system. This OS has also served several mobile devices that have led to its heavy market presence. For Microsoft, there is a need for them to try very hard in order to reach out more consumer segments.

If the future is put consideration, both android tablets and windows tablets will be facing the same predicament that will be difficult for both of the manufacturers to understand. Maybe this is the reason why Android has created its significant mark in the section of Smart phone and its applications and what is seems to be unfortunate, the android tablets are still hesitating with Honeycomb that the ICS are looking forward to solve. Neither Windows tablets are exceptional; Windows 8 will find it difficult to be considered as the tablet systems because of the operating system is PC related pedigree.


From the perspective of the consumer, both Windows tablets and Android tablets are well-improved and advanced systems that give amazing and excellent features to their users. However, Android seems to have greater market loyalty and effective experience in mobile devices thus enjoying the dominance its electronic field whereas Windows are boasting of their better user interface to attract more potential customers.

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