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How To Design Your Own Axis Bank Debit Card With Customized Images

How To Design Your Own Axis Bank Debit Card With Images
First time in India,Axis Bank introduced your own customized version of your Debit Card where you can add your own images or pictures or photos of your family.You can now get your photo printed on your own Axis bank Debit Card.This is a brand new offer from the Axis Bank where you can get your own new customized version of your Debit Card and the old card will be blocked.You don't need to visit the Axis bank to get this feature, you can design and style your Debit Card online through Axis Bank website and apply via online itself.You will be charged extra 1 rupee with regard to online for creating and designing your own Debit Card .

Print Your Own Image On Your Axis Bank Debit Card+

Take a look at yourself and your loved ones every time you take your Debit Card from your wallet for shopping,You will see the boring picture.But wait! now you can personalize your own Debit card with MyDesign - Image Debit Card,the facility which provides by Axis Bank.You will get a unique design of your own Debit Card .

Have No Images To Upload? 

 Axis Bank Debit Card With Images
If you don't have your own image to customize your debit card MyDesign has a lot's of great collections of themes which includes Zodiac signs where you can use your zodiac,They have a nice collection of beautiful scenery of nature landscapes,sports and games consist of formula 1 cars,hockey,cricket,golf,etc.,They have a gallery of wildlife and pets which consist of Beautiful animals like lion,tiger,leopard,cute puppy's,India is well known for tourist spots we have historical monuments like Taj Mahal,temples etc,Miscellaneous stuffs like guitar piano and some random pictures,they also has a youth account category which consist f abstracts,fantastic arts and lot more

How To Apply MyDesign - The Axis Bank Image Debit Card?

  1. Go to MyDesign - Image Debit Card .
  2. Click Apply Now.It will open a new tab which has the option to customize your own Axis Bank Debit Card.
  3. You can upload your image or you can choose from the online theme gallery.
  4. You can move the images wherever you want.
  5. After Customizing your Debit Card image click Submit.
  6. You'll see a preview of your Debit Card with the customized images.
  7. Now click Accept.Now it will ask Are you an existing customer of AXIS Bank? Select Yes or No.
  8. You will be redirected to login page you have to use your customer id to login.
  9. After logging in Click Pay button to get your Customized Axis Bank Image Debit Card.
We hope that soon many Banks in India will launch this offer.Tell us about your views on the new idea of Axis bank in the comments below

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