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Backup All Blogger Hosted Images and Download it in a Single File

How To Backup All Blogger Hosted Images
Images are the main key aspects of a website. Without having appropriate images in your blogger, it looks boring and the readers will leave. If you add images to your post it looks interactive and engaging to the readers . Peoples nowadays care more about images than content because a picture is worth a thousand words. Blogger blogspot is a Google hosted service, so all the images which you upload in your blogger post editor are hosted and managed at Picasa Web Album. So what happens if Google all of a sudden takes away all your blogger images on account of violating their guidelines?. It will be a major problem and also without having an image backup it's a frustrating moment for you. For this reason, in this post, we are going to demonstrate you How you can Backup All your Images on your Blogger Blog from Picasa Web Album.

How To Backup All Blogger Hosted Images

2.It will show you a list of Google services click on Picasa Web Albums.
3.It will display your Estimated files:XXX Estimated size: XXX.
5.In the configure option you can either Download all of your albums or Download a single album.
6.Once you finalized click the button Create Archive.
7.Then it wills show you a progress bar to complete the process to download all your blogger images.

Tip: If you have a large number of images.You don't have to wait just click on the option Email me when ready.

8.Click on Download button to download all your Blogger hosted images.
Backup All Blogger Hosted Images and Download it in a Single File
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