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Still Same Page Rank How To Increase Google PR In The Next Update

Still Same Page Rank How To Increase Google PR In The Next Update
Following Google Panda Algorithm updates it’s time to check the PageRank for your site.Google recently rolled out an update on PageRank. Lots of bloggers had been expecting a major improvement in their website Page Ranks, but their final results are completely unexpected.Most of the blogs still has same PageRank. A few blogs only got Increase in their PageRank. Softechnogeek.com remains same PageRank 2.Here are some few tips to increase your PageRank in the next Google update.

1.Get Incoming Links From High-Quality Relevant Blog

The ultimate way to improve your Google page rank won't make any difference quickly, however it can make a huge difference over time.It is very important to have incoming links to your website coming from highly authority and has well traffic websites and blogs which are relevant to your blog's topic.For example if your website covers technology related articles you should link to the top technology blogs to increase your PageRank

2.Post Unique Articles Everyday

Post Unique Articles Everyday
Never copycat articles from other websites.Google's algorithm will under rank your website and you got yourself in Google Penguin.Google algorithm show no mercy when it comes to any type of articles scraping, even though you are totally innocent.When your page rank is decreased, it is usually extremely difficult to get increase you PageRank over time.

3.Avoid Backlinking Too Much

Lots of bloggers thinks that it's vital to get backlinks to increase their website Google PageRank,so everyone begin leaving comments everywhere across the web, taking part in random backlink exchanges program,using black hat seo techniques and many others.Keep in mind Google algorithm cares about high quality links,not the amount of site you links to.In reality your current page rank might be decreased if your website has lot more unrelavant links from other sites.Let us know what are the other factors to increase Google Page Rank in the comments below.

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