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How To Preview Links Before Clicking On It Using Chrome Extension

How To Preview Links Before Clicking On it Using Chrome Extension
Maybe you have thought you can find what was right behind a hyperlink before clicking on it?When browsing with Google Chrome to surf the Internet,social networks like Facebook,twitter or Google+,feature which will allow you to preview links which comes in handy.If you’re searching for a simple way to preview a link before simply clicking on it, start here.There is a cool extension for Google Chrome users it lets you do that very effectively.

Preview Links On Google Chrome SwiftPreview Review

Preview Links On Google Chrome SwiftPreview Review facebook
SwiftPreview is an useful extension which displays a easy to customize preview of any kind of website link on the web so that you can view the the whole webpage right behind the link before you click on.So that you can avoid clicking on Spam links it helps you to decide to click only through the safest links.Actually it's perfect for preview sites using shorten urls,like,or any link you would choose to get a preview of it.

How To Preview Links Using Google Chrome Extension

Preview Links SwiftPreview Options
1.Install the SwitftPreview Google Chrome extension.
2.Go to the options page by right clicking on the SwiftPreview  icon and choosing “options.”
3.In the options section ,you can personalize the preview window’s like height and width .you can also make the preview pop up fit in your window.
4.By default,you can view the link preview just by hovering on the link – following a little delay.
5.You can pin the preview in your window by clicking on the CTRL key in your key-board.By doing this it won’t fade away while you move your mouse away from the link.
6.Additionally you can block link previews on specific websites by clicking on the icon from that domain.SwiftPreview will be instantly disabled on that particular domain if you want to restore the preview links just click on that icon once again.

Video Tutorial On How To Preview Link Before Clicking On It

This is it,SwiftPreview is absolutely not the sole application which can help you to preview links in Google Chrome, however it is very simple and easy does the task effectively.You will spend less time and clicks.

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