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Complete Review & Comparison WordPress Vs Blogger Which Is Better?

Complete Review & Comparison WordPress Vs Blogger Which Is Better?
There are lots of free blogging platforms however mainly 2 blogging platforms which have got popular in every once mind.People at all times really like the blogging blogspot blogger platform which gives many special features for totally free.Generally every single fresh bloggers create and develop their site using wordpress or blogger,so there is a big level of competition in between these two blogging platforms.To clear that problem we need to see a complete comparison of both the platforms and you have to make a decision by yourself,which is right for you to begin with.In this article we cover wordpress and blogger one by on.Let's start with wordpress

WordPress List Of Features

Wordpres is most widely used blogging platform.WordPress it's a popular content management system(CMS) when compared to joomla etc.. and other blogging platform wordpress is best.Wordpress is open source and so it gives you complete customization.You shouldn't end up being confused with and .Both are run by same person however is similar to blogger it provides you free web hosting but limited and domain name ( is official main website of the wordpress platformand we'll discuss about this. You can actually download and upload newest version of wordpress from and you can get started with your website with a domain and a server for web hosting which you have got. Let us discuss about wordpress features:

WordPress Hosting 

WordPress is absolutely free.All you need is hosting package from a webhost company like hostgator,bluehost etc..with a domain name.WordPress provides one click installation if you’re webhosting package comes with cpanel.With cpanel you can perform a single-click setting up wordpress,updates and remove of your WordPress platform.

WordPress Domain

If you buy your customized website name it is going to be similar to “”. When you plan to get a company website,professional site or you want a well-designed site to market your products and services then your website name must symbolize the authority and customized website names would be the best choice.

WordPress Coding Skills

Wordpress eliminates all restrictions and it is open source(free) so if you are coding professional then simply it is far better for you.You can make wordpress to perform anything you would like to do.It provides more than thousands of wordpress themes for all the niche categories.You can also choose high quality premium themes if you would want to build up a highly professional website.

WordPress Plugins And Gadgets

Wordpress has a huge number of plugins and gadgets to install on your blog.It is simple to set up and activate any plugin according to your need,you can also uninstall a plugin when  you want to.

Making Money With WordPress

You can even add Google AdSense in your wordpress website.If your website runs with wordpress you can definitely personalize it in a much better way and make it SEO friendly,by default installation you will need a few plugins and also a much better theme to increase the Adsense earnings. By using WordPress on your website you can ping as numerous blog directories and begin getting more visitors so you can easily improve your revenue.

No Risk Involved

You have your own website name and you have your own web hosting account which means you own your articles and you have complete control and rights of your content.You don't need to worry that someone can shut down your wordpress account at any moment without telling you.

Blogger List Of Features

Google Inc owns blogger and does apply its guidelines on it.One of the greatest benefits using blogger is that you will take barely 5 minutes to create a blogger blog with account.It is extremely simple to use and maintain.When you are completed with setting up your blogger account you can begin publishing posts instantly.Let us talk about a few factors regarding blogger as a blogging platform :

Blogger Templates And Customization

Using blogger it’s way too simple to maintain.You can easily create new post and pages.It is quite easy to switch out to several web designs by applying some of the offered blogger templates and cool layouts.

Blogger Domain

Domain name through blogger is often like “” by default based on your region the end .com will be changed to ‘.us,.in’.However blogger offers you to select your own website name just for $10 per annum and also link your blogger blog account along with your customized website name.The most important benefit of using blogger is you no need to worry about web hosting expenses.

Coding Skills

Zero coding is needed. Blogger supports nearly all functions that a basic weblog must have.At the moment blogger supports a lot of blogger templates and you can implement different layouts and designs to personalize those blogger templates.

Blogger Gadgets

Stunning gadgets are brought to you by blogger being a totally free features to all bloggers.It is simple to include gadgets like videos,weather reports,news,currency converter,slide show,search box etc.It is easy to position these gadgets exactly where you would like in your blog by adjusting their position by modifying is layouts.If you wisely organise these gadgets,you will successful to build a fine blog site without paying a penny.You can include your own blogger gadget if you have your own code for that gadget.

Making Money With Blogger

Using Google AdSense is extremely simple and easy with blogger due to the fact both are owned by Google Inc.Hence people who wish to get started blogging to generate some bucks they can choose blogger as it provides you the default option of Google AdSense to begin with.You can add AdSense from your blog after getting approved of AdSense you may include ads on your post and earn money online.You can use your blog to market affiliate marketing products and services to 3rd party to make money Via Amazon affiliates program blogger itself enables you to earn affiliate sales revenue.

Risk Involved

By using blogger account Google will own all of your data.In case Google detects you for anything which is breaking its guidelines they shut down your blogger account without any notification.You'd be better aware about this basic fact


If you need a personal blog and wish to share and discuss knowledge about your own experiences with your friends and family then surely blogger is designed for you.You can generate dollars through blogger without having to spend a single penny.So design and style your blog, personalize it based on your requirements, make use of blogger gadgets and take pleasure in awesome blogging experience with blogger.
Right now it is your decision to choose which is right for you. First of all think about the reason that you would like to blog and to start a website after that select a blogging platform.If you have some money you can start with wordpress and make some serious money.If you don't want to invest a dime then go with blogger.Let us know what blogging platform you are using in the comments below.

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