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Best Google Adsense Alternative Yahoo Bing Ads Media.Net Review

Best Google Adsense Alternative Yahoo Bing Ads Media.Net Review
Google AdSense has been launched in the year 2003 and in past 10+ years, it is the finest advertisement network for both large and small publishers.Yahoo Bing Network Ads( was introduced at the end of last year,But it has been there for some time in the brand of Microsoft ad Center and Bing.Microsoft and Yahoo in collaboration introduced the brand new Contextual Ad network called Yahoo Bing Network is now quite popular on some bloggers websites.[post_ad]

Yahoo Bing Ads Media.Net Review

The Yahoo Bing Network says that they target only on high quality premium websites that provide top quality content materials.Even though if a publisher is approved in the ad network,when a manual technician will review their website content and traffic and after that only they will approve to use their ads.

Customer Support Is Too better Than Google AdSense

Google AdSense don't provide a one to one customer support service to small publishers.But they have this option for premium publishers,Only large publishers have the extravagance of direct contacting Sales Representative.Where as Yahoo Bing ads Network, approves only premium websites into their ad system which states that every single publisher of Yahoo Bing Network is a premium publisher (including me) who also gets a free account manager.A sales Representative will assist you each and every step to customize the Yahoo Bing Ads on your site to earn more money.They will tell you where to place ads to get high CTR and CPM.They will give you advice to increase your revenue.

What Type Of Yahoo Bing Ads Will Be Shown On Website?

What Type Of Yahoo Bing Ads Will Be Shown On Website
The Ads shown on your website by Yahoo Bing Ads Media.Net are extremely related to your blog article.Another option they provide is targeted advertisements.If you have any special articles in your website with high targeted traffic then you can list out all those keywords and phrases to your individual sales consultant.So they will be focusing on those keywords you mention to increase the CTR.Sales adviser will be leading you through the entire procedure and they'll notify you when there is any violations or quality suggestions.So you no need to worry that your account will be banned without notifying you.

Yahoo Bing Ad Units Customization And Sizes Available

Yahoo Bing Ad Units Customization And Sizes Available
The very best features of Yahoo Bing Ads is that you have got total control on customising of your ad units on your website with different shapes and colours to suit with your website style,design and colour.Whereas this option is not available in Google AdSense.They have x-large,large,small rectangle,leaderboard,skyscraper and lot more with attractive color options.

Earnings Proof And Reports From Media.Net

Earnings Proof And Reports From Media.Net

Generally Yahoo Bing Ads( are (CPM) Cost Per Page Impression based advertisements and they pay you based on 1000 impressions.For example 1000 impression = $1 if your website got 5000 impression a day then your earning per days is $5 but the CPM is based on the content of your website.They also provide you a graph showing revenue and impressions you can track your previous month earnings and so on.CPM may differ ranging from $0.5 to $2 which is similar to Google AdSense.Listed below is the screen shot of our website earnings earned from Media.NET So far.

Yahoo Bing Ads Payout Methods

They give you 2 payment options Paypal and Wire Transfer.We prefer Paypal so that you need not to wait too long to get your wire transfer.The minimum payout threshold is $100 and it is very easy to reach if you have a decent traffic.We have already been using Yahoo Bing ads network since last one month and our earnings are $9 since we got low traffic.

How To Get Approved On Yahoo Bing Ads Media.Net Network 

How To Get Approved On Yahoo Bing Ads Media.Net Network approval in their ad network process is slightly vary when you compared to Google AdSense.They are accepting only limited Publishers whose having good website traffic from US/UK and Canada.Visit Yahoo Bing Ads Contextual Ads after that click the request invite then fill up the application form and after that submit your website for approval.It might take more than 2 weeks to review your application whether to approve or disapprove.So show patience till you receive an approval or being rejected email.You can able to submit upto 5 Blogs/Websites for review.So let us know what you think about Media.Net in the comment below.

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