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Add Google AdSense Ads Below The Title And Side Post In Blogger

Add Google AdSense Ads Below The Title And Side Post In Blogger
Google AdSense ads placement and position features a lot of impact in your daily revenue.If ads are perfectly placed in excellent positions,there is a huge possibility for you to have a better Click Through Rate(CTR).Google AdSense Terms Of Condition (TOS) they will ban your AdSense account,if you modify the ad codes.Blogger templates don't have the option to display directly on the below post title in the blogger template.Due to this,the AdSense codes must be parsed to work in blogger templates. As per Google AdSense terms and conditions,by doing this will not get you banned from Google AdSense.

Reason Why To Place Google AdSense Below Post Title

You would have noticed Google AdSense ads in below post tile in some blogs and websites.This is the exact position to place your Google AdSense ads recommended by the majority of the gurus in the blogging world.To improve the CTR.Trying Google AdSense in various places in your website is a strategy to discover the top place for you to earn money in Google AdSense.

How To Place Google AdSense Ads Below Post Title

1. At first you have to encode or phrase your Google AdSense code.For that Check out Google AdSense HTML encoder to phrase your Google AdSense ads,insert your Google AdSense code inside the box, and then click encode.It will generate the encoded Google AdSense code.Copy the encoded ad codes.
2. Now go to blogger Template -> Edit HTML -> Then check on the box Expand Widget Templates.
3. Press CTRL+F.Find the below code
4.Copy and paste the below code and place it above the <data:post.body/>
<!-- AdSense Above Posts Starts-->
<b:if cond=‘data:blog.pageType == “item” ’>
Your Encoded Google AdSense Code Here
<!-- AdSense Above Posts End -->
5. Replace the highlighted code with your encoded Google AdSense code.
6. After you done the above steps your Google AdSense ad look like this..
Google Adsense Ads Above Post And Below Title
7. If you want to display the Google AdSense ads together with the post like this.
Google Adsense Ads Below Post Title Along Side Content
8. Copy the below HTML code and place it above <data:post.body/>
<!-- AdSense Above Posts Starts-->
<div align='float:left;padding:5px;'>
<b:if cond=‘data:blog.pageType == “item” ’>
Your Encoded Adsense Code Here
<!-- AdSense Above Posts End -->
If you want to change the position of the ad replace the "left" with "right" that's it if you have any trouble in placing the code comment below.

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