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How to Scan Computer With Multiple Antivirus Software For Free

How to Scan Computer With Multiple Antivirus Software For Free
Nowadays you can run only a single antivirus application at a time because of the system requirements if you run all the antivirus out there on your computer it will probably slow down your process,however everyone antivirus are not best.Some antivirus software can detect malware but some antivirus program will not catch.Fortunately,you don’t just need to depend on a single antivirus application.


VirusTotal Review

The VirusTotal Website provides a free antivirus solution but it provides a valuable security and safety services.VirusTotal will scan any Web download, email-based attachment or document it will send the file to 40 different antivirus software scanners to help you to be aware of whether it is secure for your computer or not.VirusTotal is owned by Google.Inc.The free VirusTotal Uploader software helps to make sending the files to their website by using a right-click option for any file on your computer.

VirusTotal Review

Advantage Of Using VirusTotal Free Online Scanner

1.It scan your files with 40 antivirus software.
2.You can upload files directly to web using VirusTotal desktop application.
3.You can also upload files on the VirusTotal website directly.
4.VirusTotal broswer extension for Firefox is also available.
5.Using VirusTotal you can scan a file,scan a URL,scan a search.

Disadvantage Of Using VirusTotal Free Online Scanner

1.The maximum file size limit is 32MB only.
2.Files with larger size can't be scanned.
3.It scans only a simple scan not deep scan.
4.The scan is not guaranteed the results are accurate.

Visit-VirusTotal - Free Online Virus Scanner

Tell your views about VirusTotal and if you some other online virus scanner website please comment below.

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