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How To Hide/Show Desktop Icon Free Application For Windows 7

Desktop Full Of Icons
If you have got around dozens of icons,folders and files on your Windows 7 pc for which you gain access to now and then.Usually when your hiding the icons in the desktop.The problems are mainly visual,plus the simple fact that you can easily open up almost any application and also file in the desktop through the system tray.


First Enable The Option:

View  Show desktop icons
Once you need to open the data files in the pc, you must allow the display desktop icons by right-clicking on the desktop and choosing View > Show desktop icons.

Auto Hide Icons Free Software Review:

Auto Hide Icons Free Review
Auto Hide Icons Free is a completely free Microsoft windows 7 software program that gives an alternative and much more comfortable solution.This a portable application and it need not to be installed.It just hides the icons on the desktop after a particular time has passed, and it displays all of them every time a left-click on the desktop is made by the user.

Easy One Click Option To Hide/Show:

Easy One Click Option To HideShow
Using Auto Hide Icons Free be much easier to show all icons in the desktop by using this software,and boring to hide the all the icons one by one again they may not be required anymore.Auto Hide Icons Free application options enables you to replace the left-click functionality to show the icons to middle-click or right-click instead.Also,it is possible to alter the time period it requires before the icons are automatically hidden on the desktop.The standard timeout is fixed at five seconds.This can be increased to a maximum of 100 seconds and the least three seconds.

Extra Options:

Extra Options
Auto Hide Ions Free provides 2 extra options under preferences.It is easy to hide out the taskbar also,yet that function is seem to be that helpful.All taskbar elements are hidden except for the start button, however the region cannot be used by program windows 7.

The Pros And Cons Of Auto Hide Icons Free:

The Pros And Cons Of Auto Hide Icons Free
The only cons of this program runs on the background.It is a lightweight portable application.You can easily restore to your previous desktop and show every icons.This software is available for both 32bit and 64bit windows 7 system

Video Tutorial On How To Hide/Show Desktop Icon Free Application For Windows 7:

Visit-Auto Hide Ions Free Download

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