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What Is The Cost To Upgrade From Windows 7 To Windows 8?

People who purchase a fresh Microsoft windows 7 PC might not receive the Windows 8 upgrade not for free,tells a newly released statement.The organization is fixed a cost for windows 7 users $14.99 to have an upgrade.
Generally there were reviews previously exposing in which Microsoft will charge fees for the move up,however this have been simply no word on the amount. The preview will be anticipated to deliver within the first week of June.Qualified buyers can purchase a brand new Windows 7 powered computer in between June this season,till January next year.

Does Mean That You Can't Buy Windows 7 Now:

To make sure that PC sales don’t fall, Microsoft have been providing upgrade packages.This enables consumers to buy the PC operating in the present operating system and offeres them a coupon code for the upgraded version. During this year,Microsoft will make the Windows 8 Offer accessible to customers purchasing a Windows 7 PC running Home Basic or higher,and let them to upgrade to Windows 8 Pro.Curretly You Can Buy Windows 7 And Later You Can Upgrade

Free Upgrade To Windows 8 For Some Buyers:

Free Windows-8-Upgrade
Windows 7 to Windows 8 upgrade is said to be no way such as the update programs for Windows XP to Vista and Vista to Windows 7. Microsoft is not going to update end users to the related Windows 8 version and in turn provide them everybody with Windows 8 Professional which is widely available on retail store.The previous upgrade programs had been sold at at no cost or even for any small fee.Some of the manufacturers offering the OS upgrade entirely free for the latest clients who got a new PC operating on the earlier edition.
Apple is also launching its new operating system, but have not declared an upgrade plan. Apple additionally provided its buyers a free copy of OS X 10.7 or Lion for those who purchased a Macintosh that will operates on Snow Leopard.
Note:The Trick Is If You Buy Windows 7 Now You Can Get Very Cheap Rate Of $14.99 Windows 8 Professional.This is for only genuine buyers not for pirated edition!

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